Small to Mid-Sized Business

You may not have the time or the budget to put a full-time human resources team in place. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of great human resource management.

Our HR services are available as you need them:

  • On call
  • On contract
  • On a project-by-project basis

How do you know if the outsourcing is right for your company? Take a look at our small to mid-sized business service items below. They’re flexible, convenient and cost-effective to have new initiatives work with your HR requirements.

What is the law?

There are a lot of HR and privacy laws to keep track of. Do you know if you are compliant with the minimum requirements? Do you know which laws affect you? new initiatives can help protect your business from costs and damage to your reputation from non-compliance.

How do I hire right, every time?

Spending too much time finding the right people? Dreading filtering through hundreds of resumes to find the diamond in the rough? We can streamline your recruitment and help you narrow your results, saving you time and resources.

How do I inspire and motivate my employees?

Are you getting the best your employees have to give? Motivation and pride in a workplace go a long way to making an efficient team even better. Make sure they know your expectations and are accountable for meeting the objectives you set for them. new initiatives will tailor a performance management process to your organization.

Am I paying competitively?

Keeping employees is getting harder, and replacing and training departed employees is expensive. We’ll review your existing compensation and benefits packages to make sure you have an affordable program that keeps your employees with you and working hard.

How can I reduce sick time?

Sick time and disability claims are costly. It’s important to manage them – better yet, to avoid them before they happen. new initiatives will review your disability management options, suggest alternatives and put a plan in place – including a preventative wellness plan – to keep your employees healthy, safe, and at the workplace.

How do I terminate an employee?

Layoffs and terminations are tough. It’s important to lay the groundwork to do it right so that you avoid costs and complications later on. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step, work with you on the right message, and make sure you and your employee are taken care of properly and professionally.


Build your team. Enhance your productivity. Protect yourself from risks. To find out how new initiatives HR services can work for you.