You already have a human resources team in place. You may need specialized expertise on a new project. Or maybe your in-house HR team is at capacity and you simply need extra hands.

As HR consultants, we’re available as you need us:

  • On call
  • On contract
  • On a project-by-project basis

We consult, advise, and implement, tailoring our HR services to your schedule, your budget, your priorities. Learn more about the areas we specialize in listed below.

Policies and procedures

Outgrown your existing policies and procedures? We can assess your organization’s needs and develop, implement and train as needed, to keep your workplace running smoothly.

Leadership development

Whether you have a group of first-time or seasoned managers, there’s always room to learn. We’ll tailor a program to your organization and your mix of management levels.

Human resources metrics

How are you doing? Are your programs having an effect? You may need more measurement than you have resources. We can take care of measurement for you, or put processes in place to get the data you need at your fingertips, everyday.

HR project management

Fast scaling and quick implementation are watchwords for our HR project management services. No matter the project, we’ll work with you to make the project successful – on time and on budget.

Closures, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring

Whatever change you are experiencing, it’s important to work with an experienced team. We put your mind at ease during challenging times by tailoring our best practices to your unique circumstances.

HR Technology

Manual processess and software that sync save you time and money. Maybe it’s time to look at a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or an applicant tracking system (ATS). There are lots of options out there. We can weed through your options, offering you the pros and cons and advising on your best option. We can even help you implement your new system.

Disability management and wellness programs

Claims are costly. It’s important to manage them – better yet, to avoid them before they happen. new initiatives will review your disability management options, suggest alternatives and put a plan in place – including a preventative wellness plan – to keep your employees healthy, safe, and at the workplace.

Health and safety programs

Downtime — not to mention the personal costs of poor health and safety – are serious for your business. And the costs are rising. Make sure you have the best in health and safety at a price you can afford. new initiatives will build a program to suit your organization, keeping you in compliance, and your employees safe.

Recruitment and hiring strategies

No matter the size of your organization, we all feel we spend too much time finding the right people. We can streamline your recruitment and help you narrow your results, saving you time and resources.

Performance management programs

Are you getting the best your employees have to give? Is your performance management process helping or hindering? new initiatives will tailor a performance management process to your organization.

Compensation and benefits programs

Employee retention is getting harder, and replacing and training departed employees is getting more expensive. We’ll review your existing compensation and benefits packages to make sure you have an affordable program that keeps your employees with you and working hard.

Retention and reward programs

Will a retention and rewards program make a difference to your team? How should it be structured? new initiatives will tailor a program to fit your organization, keeping it simple and affordable while bringing out the best in your employees.


The costs of not planning your off-boarding process are high. We’ll review your current process and recommend changes and enhancements to protect you from the pitfalls when making a termination decision.

Employee relations

Motivation and pride in a workplace go a long way to making an efficient team even better. Have an outside set of eyes take a look at your team to see if employee relations could be better. We’ll analyze and recommend a strategy to make the most of your team.

Build your team. Enhance your productivity. Protect yourself from risks. To find out how new initiatives HR services can work for you.